Status of Blog

I will return to posting blog entries this coming week.

A year later I’m losing another loved one and have been preoccupied.

Will return on Monday.


Author: Chris Bruni

I offer peer-owned resume writing and career help. Numerous people I've created resumes for have gotten job interviews that led to job offers. For the record, I'm no longer the Health Guide at HealthCentral. Their SZ website has been defunct since September 2015 - after Left of the Dial was published.

2 thoughts on “Status of Blog”

  1. I am sorry to learn that you are in grief. On Thanksgiving, I lost my Stepdad. He was the center of attention in the house. I also had a relapse. I left Staten Island and am selling my condo. I am now living in my mom’s senior community in Manalapan. Stay in touch.

  2. Hey there Steve,

    It’s good to hear from you old chum.
    So you retired? Good for you!
    Keeping writing your beautiful poetry.
    You are a star – shine on.


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