Chocolate Peanut Butter Blasts

Cut off a piece of at least 72 percent cacao dark chocolate.

Spread peanut butter on square.

Top with banana slice.


I use organic chocolate that has soy lecithin a not-so-great ingredient.

Also I use organic peanut butter and organic Fair Trade bananas.

There’s a book titled What’s so Bad about Bananas? Apparently, buying this fruit might not be an eco-conscious option.

Yet I have started to buy bananas again even still.

Again–a quick tasty healthful snack option.

Dark chocolate with at least 72 percent cacao has health benefits. It also has fiber which is good.



Apple Almond Butter Rings

Cut an apple into rings. Core the inside of the rings.

Slather almond butter on one apple ring.

You  can add chocolate chips atop the almond butter.

Press the other ring on top of this apple ring.


I bought Eat for Life dark chocolate chips whose only sketchy ingredient is cane sugar. These chips have NO natural flavors so they’re my chocolate chip of choice.

Voila–a quick healthful snack.

(I buy a 4-pack of organic Fuji apples.)